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Irish Food & Wine Pairings for St. Patrick's Day

As an Irish-born woman, foodie, wine consultant, and Sommelier-in-training, I feel it’s my JOB to blog about this particular topic for my favorite holiday! Let me preface it with this. These are NOT all foods I grew up eating. In fact, I ate more of these ‘traditional’ Irish foods as an immigrant in America. That’s not to say they’re not Irish, but it’s like assuming French people live on baguettes and cheese and stay fabulously thin. Doesn’t happen 🙄Okay, let’s get to the meat of it.

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Game Day Food and Organic Wine Pairings

What Pairs Well with Football? WINE. Lots of Wine.

So the ‘Big Game’ is coming up next weekend. Whether you like football or either team involved (or not) you’ll have a hard time ignoring it, especially here in Georgia as Atlanta plays host this year… Hubs is taking the weekend off and we’re going to partake in the madness somehow! The foodie in me immediately sourced recipes for some “healthier” versions of game day food, but the wino in me insisted there must be a pairing for that too 🍷

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