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Irish Food & Wine Pairings for St. Patrick's Day

As an Irish-born woman, foodie, wine consultant, and Sommelier-in-training, I feel it’s my JOB to blog about this particular topic for my favorite holiday! Let me preface it with this. These are NOT all foods I grew up eating. In fact, I ate more of these ‘traditional’ Irish foods as an immigrant in America. That’s not to say they’re not Irish, but it’s like assuming French people live on baguettes and cheese and stay fabulously thin. Doesn’t happen 🙄Okay, let’s get to the meat of it.

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What Makes a Wine Vegan and Why It's Important

When I heard someone say “and our wines are vegan” I immediately asked, “well what could possibly be in a bottle of wine that makes it NOT vegan-friendly?” Whoa. I was sorry I asked. And then truly glad I knew. Apparently animal-based fining agents can be used in the clarification process of winemaking. What does all this mean? So glad you asked…I did too, not long ago.

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Differences Between Organic Grapes, Organic Wines and Biodynamic Wines

When I started to look into Scout & Cellar from a buyer's perspective I was intrigued with the term “clean-crafted” wine, and the list of things it DIDN’T contain. I immediately freaked out. Really. Let’s be honest (and if you’ve met me you already know), I like my wine. I really like my wine. Specifically, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. And you know what? I haven’t touched a drop of that since learning what I now know.

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