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Game Day Food and Organic Wine Pairings

What Pairs Well with Football? WINE. Lots of Wine.

So the ‘Big Game’ is coming up next weekend. Whether you like football or either team involved (or not) you’ll have a hard time ignoring it, especially here in Georgia as Atlanta plays host this year… Hubs is taking the weekend off and we’re going to partake in the madness somehow! The foodie in me immediately sourced recipes for some “healthier” versions of game day food, but the wino in me insisted there must be a pairing for that too 🍷

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What Makes a Wine Vegan and Why It's Important

When I heard someone say “and our wines are vegan” I immediately asked, “well what could possibly be in a bottle of wine that makes it NOT vegan-friendly?” Whoa. I was sorry I asked. And then truly glad I knew. Apparently animal-based fining agents can be used in the clarification process of winemaking. What does all this mean? So glad you asked…I did too, not long ago.

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Differences Between Organic Grapes, Organic Wines and Biodynamic Wines

When I started to look into Scout & Cellar from a buyer's perspective I was intrigued with the term “clean-crafted” wine, and the list of things it DIDN’T contain. I immediately freaked out. Really. Let’s be honest (and if you’ve met me you already know), I like my wine. I really like my wine. Specifically, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. And you know what? I haven’t touched a drop of that since learning what I now know.

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I've Joined the Clean-Crafted Wine Movement! 🥂

I did a thing. I've joined the 'clean-crafted' wine movement. Cos I love this thing called wine, but it was wrecking havoc on my skin. And sharing is caring. So, here's the skinny...

Scout & Cellar is a wine company started by Sarah Shadonix, an attorney-turned-sommelier committed to sourcing additive-free, chemical-free, totally delicious wine from around the world.

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