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An Opportunity to Work with Wine

Not just any wine, Clean-Crafted Wine with Sarah Shadonicks - attorney-turned-sommelier, Mom of two, and Founder of Scout & Cellar….that funky little winery that sold $20 million their first full year in business and had already surpassed that by July 2019 with $30 million sold…by Independent Wine Consultants like me.

Now, if you’re one of those haters on network marketing then let me stop you here. It’s not my job to convince you a business model is legit, nor do I care to. For those who want to work with others passionate about wine, our planet, their own health, and have fun doing so - I invite you to read on and see if this appeals to you.

Sarah Shadonicks

Why do I personally work with Scout and Cellar?
It’s wine. Something I adore. So now I get to work in the wine business talking about and sharing something I love with others. I’ve never seen myself as a sales person, but sales is not my role here. It’s my job to market our wine. Customers buy directly from Scout and Cellar (I do not carry wine to sell). So how do I do market clean-crafted wine? I talk about our brand and our wines online - though my social media accounts and on my blog here. I host events at my home on occasion, online (yes, I ship you wine!), and others offer to host wine tasting events at their home with me. Their friends come and try the wines I share, and from there I meet new people who in turn become customers of Scout and Cellar and/or host their own wine event…so the cycle continues. It’s quite simple. And it’s wine, something I love. Did I mention that?

How did I get involved with Scout and Cellar?
I was on the verge of giving up wine completely. I’d been battling aggressive hives that were a result of multiple new food sensitivities/allergies. In the few years prior I’d eliminated gluten, dairy and soy but the hives came back again last summer. My sister sent me an email she’d received from a sorority sister of ours about organic and biodynamic wines and I figured I’d give them a try…I mean I cared so much about the food I was putting into my body, why didn’t I care about the quality of the wine I drank? Good question. Ask yourself that one. The wine arrived. It tasted amazing. Alive! Sounds odd…but once you try a clean-crafted wine you’ll know what I mean. I had no idea how much junk was added to mass-produced wine. No idea that egg whites are one of the more popular fining agents for a wine (another food I was having issues with). And no idea that I was consuming added sugar in my glasses of wine. SO MUCH added sugar that six weeks later I’d dropped 6 lbs just from switching my wine.

Scout and Cellar

It got me thinking. If I’m going to drink this wine then why wouldn’t I buy it from myself. I mean it was cheap to sign up as a consultant and half of what you paid was actually for 4 bottles of wine that come in your Business Kit. No brainer for me. If I bought wine from myself and maybe sold it to some family and close friends then I’d make commissions and wine credits, effectively reducing the cost of the wine for my own consumption.

So why am I building a business out of this now?
The short: Because I love this company. I met Sarah in Washington D.C. last April and can attest to her humble nature, transparency as a business woman and leader, and pure drive to make change in how wine is grown and made. It fired me up to hear how our work has impacted the lives of so many famers - vineyards who wouldn’t get to share their wines with the masses without our distribution model. By our Clean-Crafted Standards only 2 bottles of wine are produced per vine. With conventionally produced wine 20 bottles are produced per vine. So what? Well it costs a whole lot more money to do wine the way our small farmers do it. They care. They're making an impact. And Scout & Cellar is a distribution plan that helps MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE. At launch only one percent of the world's wine was clean-crafted. Now? Three percent! That's huge. What we're doing matters to our planet. Farmers are making changes for the better because of our standards - changes that help our earth and deliver you a better wine, free from pesticides and the 250+ additives the FDA actually allows wineries to put in your wine. That wasn’t really that short, was it? Hah. Once I really dug into our business model and compensation plan I realized I too can make something really big of this opportunity. The idea that I can earn even more for my family while working on something I’m passionate about - and something that’s driving change for the good - is why I’m actively sharing this opportunity with others.

Who would this business by suitable for?
People who are passionate about wine - that’s mandatory. Nothing else is required - a full training course and help of your mentor will teach you everything you need to know. Who are you?

  1. You want to drink better (and better for you) wine and not pay retail. Ok, we got you. Sign up and buy it off yourself. This is where I began…and this is where you can stay if you so desire.

  2. You don't have a lot of time but you could dabble in a tasting here and there and see where it takes you. Do it. You've got absolutely NOTHING to lose. Sign up is $249 and $120-130 of that is the 4 bottles of wine included in your Business Kit.

  3. You are tired of the 9 to 5 and want to build something else, or you want to be more creative, run your own ship, engage with other people who share your passions, or spend more time at home with your kids. This is me, all of the above. I work 4-5 hours a day and that's for my marketing clients mostly.

  4. Your entrepreneurial spirit is telling you this is too good not to try! This is me now. I’m all the way in and can take you with me if you want the whole shebang!

What do you do next?
Watch my bootleg recording of Sarah’s last business opportunity call. See for yourself why I am smitten with this humble, smart and talented woman. Then tell me you want to know more, I’ll share my month by month account of the last ten I’ve spent doing this. Or you can be bold like me and just hit the sign up link because TODAY IS TOMORROW.

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