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The Business of Selling Wine

I still chuckle when I see myself “selling wine”…it seems bizarre to me that I jumped head first into a direct selling company on a whim. But then again, not really.

I drink wine. I enjoy wine, by myself or with others. I want to earn more money while working from home and want to continue to control my time and schedule as I do running my own marketing consulting business. I never thought I’d seek to actually build a second business out of it and grow a team to mentor to do the same. But that’s what multi-level marketing is — a system where you pick your team and show them the business. You mentor them to help them learn the ropes so they can grow their own business on their terms. If they win, you win. If they don’t win, you don’t win. It’s pretty simple really. Having lived as an MLM skeptic for many years it’s been a real eye-opener these past few months. Unfortunately there have been too many companies that abused the model and tainted it for others. And I’m pretty positive that there are people who’ve been lured under false expectations to buy into something they couldn’t sell. Also pretty sure there are people who didn’t succeed because they didn’t do the work, but you know, they’ll have other tales to tell.

Here’s why I joined Scout & Cellar as an Independent Consultant.

I was going to drink the wine anyway (and I hadn’t even tasted it). It was time to stop putting unnecessary chemicals and additives into my body. Joining as a consultant meant I could get commission back on my own wines purchases. Enough said.

Then the wine arrived. And I started digging into Scout & Cellar - news, reports, people, consultants, anything I could find online. And damn if that wine didn’t taste good. All four from my first shipment. Varietals I wouldn’t normally drink too.

Rose Wines

Insert light bulb here: There’s people like me who’ll want to buy and drink this wine. And they did. One tasting led to another, which led to another and another, and my December sales (month 3) were’ triple what I sold in my first two months.

Here’s why I want to build a team and run with this opportunity.

Sarah Shadonix founded Scout & Cellar 16 months ago. In her first full year (2018 calendar year) she (WE, her Independent Consultants) sold $20 Million in wine. That’s $20 Million in revenue for a start-up year one. Let that sink in.

From the history of the successful companies in this business model, this makes S&C a front-runner. With a product that’ll be bought and sold through good times and bad. A product that’s been a game-changer for people hurting from consuming mass-produced wine (like myself with my allergies and skin rashes). A product that people want. A product that I sell online before people even try it — because they know they need to make a change. It’s wine folks, clean, organic and biodynamic wines that are hand-picked or grown by a Level 3 Sommelier (with good taste!) — it sells itself.

Back to that history of successful companies using network marketing. The people in the door within the first three years that DID THE WORK are the people who won big. You don’t win because you signed up and waited for it to happen. A business doesn’t grow itself, you will work for it. But talking about wine and sharing it with people I know will never feel like ‘work’ to me personally, it’s icing on the cake that I get paid. And there’s the wine, oh the wine 🤭

If you’ve read this far then think about listening in on my webinar January 10th at 8PM ET. I’ll run you through the business model and compensation plan and answer any questions you may have. If the time doesn’t work reach out personally and we’ll chat — or register and I’ll email you a recording after the live event. Take a chance, nothing changes unless you do.