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What's in a Rosé?

Photo by  John Canelis  on  Unsplash

With Fall on the scene and Rosé on my mind, here’s our line-up on Scout & Cellar right now...

All of our currently listed Rosé wines are not only organic but vegan too 👌

{Fruity, Crisp} Clean and refreshing with tart cherry and cranberry that lead into a juicy, creamy palate with bubbles and hints of strawberry and orange zest on the finish.

2017 14K ROSÉ, CENTRAL COAST, CALIFORNIA $48 (= two bottles)
{Fruity, Crisp} Refreshing and juicy with strawberry, nectarine and a hint of melon with a round finish. This still Rosé is sold in 2x4-packs of 187ml cans, which is equal to two 750ml bottles. Follow the fun at #howdoyou14k.

{Fruity, Crisp} Fresh and crisp with watermelon, wild strawberry, orange zest and white flowers. 30% Grenache, 60% Cinsault, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.

It looks like a blend of red and white, can be sweet or dry  but it’s served in a white wine glass and always chilled. What’s up, Rosé?

This often confused–yet wildly popular–wine is growing rapidly with sales for Rosé doubling in the U.S. in 2017, and continues as a ‘trend’ in the wine industry with rapid growth dispelling that seasonal myth of ‘summer water’. Here's a wrap up of the most frequently asked questions about this delicious and eye-catching wine 🍇

Is Rosé a red or a white wine?

Rosé wine is made using one of four methods: maceration (red wine grapes rest in the juice for more texture and color extraction); direct press (red wine grapes are pressed and the juice runs off immediately for minimal texture and color extraction);  Saignée (when making a red wine, some pressed juice is bled off into a different tank for rosé; this concentrates the intensity of the resulting red wine); and blending (blending red and white wine - less common).

Are Rosé wines sweet or dry?

Rosé wines can be still, semi-sparkling or sparkling with a wide range of sweetness (this depends on what’s added - ours tend to be more dry than sweet, hello NO added sugar!) It’s produced in almost every country and from almost every grape varietal - red and white.

Do you chill a Rosé wine?

Yes, it should be served ice-cold, 38-45 degrees in a white wine glass. Rosé is often associated with the outdoors, the perfect wine for a hot summer day. But don’t let that fool you, it is indeed in trend this Fall and the perfect pairing for your holiday meals and events.

{Fruity, Crisp} Full-flavored and full-bodied with wild strawberry, orange zest and hint of clove.  100% Montepulciano.

{Fruity, Crisp} Juicy and round with strawberry, peach and spice notes with refreshing acidity and a lingering finish. 55% Syrah, 45% Tempranillo.

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