See what clients are saying about their personal training, nutrition coaching, and group fitness classes with Lisa

Lisa is a hands-on, informed instructor who really focuses on doing the exercises properly and avoiding injury. She is always ready with a modification to intensify a move or take it down based on personal range.

Lisa is not a “ra-ra” cheerleader type of instructor (which I LOVE about her classes); she is however encouraging and joins in your personal celebrations when you master a new move!

The classes I have taken with her have left me feeling accomplished!
— Nicole S (LinkedIn)
I wish I lived closer to Pilates ProWorks, but alas I will still try and make it out to Pilates ProWorks at least 3x/month. I’ve only taken their ProWorks class, but holy moly it kicks your butt. Jess, Christine and Lisa are all incredible instructors. Each class is different and I am always challenged. I love that in addition to bodyweight you use the machine to add weight and can get a good cardio workout. The exercises used on the reformer are ingenious and I am always impressed with the new exercises. There are 10 spots in each class, which is significantly higher than other pilates classes, which I appreciate.
— Christina S (Yelp)
I’ve never known Lisa to ever give less than 100% in anything she tries to accomplish and when I took Pilates Pro from her, she exceeded even that high standard. Energetic, fun, and motivational; Lisa makes me look forward to taking more classes (even while my calves twitch and thighs scream from the last workout) and she encourages me to take my health and fitness to the next level. I’m excited to see what the future holds for my physique while on Lisa’s watch!
— KiKi L (LinkedIn)
Participated in my first Pilates ProWork class this morning. The facility is superb and Lisa Zawacki is an awesome instructor! She trains with patience and precision. She endured everyone worked each exercise correctly and made fast modifications when someone needed one. I’ll definitely return to this one again.
— John G (Yelp)