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Lisa joined Scout & Cellar in 2018 to help spread awareness of the clean & natural wine movement, while enjoying and sharing fabulous wine!

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Scout & Cellar is a wine company started by Sarah Shadonix, an attorney-turned-sommelier committed to sourcing additive-free, chemical-free, totally delicious wine from around the world.

She does this because she figured out the hard way that many of the world’s mass-produced wines are stocked to the cork with up to 300 chemical additives. While studying to become a sommelier, Sarah began experiencing morning-after headaches stemming from just one glass of wine. So she did the research. She spoke with physicians and vintners alike before discovering the truth.

Wine is a tricky business, because when it comes to their growth cycle, grapes tend to march to the beat of their own drum. Their natural flavor, color and growing cycle is driven by nature. To capture sameness and establish predictability, producers rely on pesticides, chemical additives and sugars, which yields a product that tastes the same, bottle after bottle, year after year. Pesticides, chemical additives and sweetener also make it possible to maximize yields and hide flaws that may exist in those bottles, like bacteria and other unpleasant elements. Unfortunately, this processed wine is chemically-altered and completely unnatural, and you can taste it. We’re here to offer a more natural, altogether better-tasting wine experience to everyone.

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Say hello to the only club that curates and delivers clean-crafted wines in 4 easy steps:

  1. Discover the clean-crafted wine difference

  2. Sign up to become a member of Scot & Cellar (optional; can shop by the bottle)

  3. Select your wine (and member plan if you choose)

  4. Sit back and relax while your wine is delivered!

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