From the dumbbell to the barbell, we'll begin where you are and advance as you progress. Personal training is more than being held accountable (although that helps), it's a systemized approach to reaching your goals - whether it's weight loss, hypertrophy, strength, or staying in shape to tackle everyday life - we'll work together to create the best possible version of you. Training can be done at your home, my home, outdoors, or a gym if guests are permitted (Atlanta area). 


Can't meet up in the Atlanta area? We can develop a personalized 12-week workout plan to share via Trainerize (website and mobile app) that includes video demonstrations, calendar tracking, progress reports, and check-in's for accountability. Lisa will monitor your activity and review progress via Trainerize on a weekly basis, and be available to answer question through the app's messaging service. 

Contact me for online and offline training package pricing. 



As a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach I will help you “keep it real” and focus on what’s most important to YOU. PN Coaching isn’t about rules or deprivation, and it’s not another “diet plan”. It’s about communication, learning, guidance and support. I’ll help you to embrace your best self and add healthy, positive practices to your busy, real, and messy life. One day at a time. One small step at a time. I want to help you reach your better self, be it stronger, fitter, leaner... or just feel more relaxed, happy, and healthy. Allow me to teach you how! It’s Simple. Do-able. Realistic. And I’ll be here each small step along the way.


  1. Is this another calorie counting diet plan?
    - No, not at all. We will teach you how to choose the right foods and portion sizes for your individual needs. A 'diet' is often short-term and ineffective for long-term health. You will learn how to make better nutritional decisions to live a long and healthier life. 
  2. Will you provide me with menus/daily plans to follow?
    - We do not provide detailed menus but do offer dietary solutions and guidelines specific to your lifestyle and nutritional needs. You will learn to feel more empowered in making the right food choices for yourself. 
  3. What if I have a problem or question outside of meeting times?
    - You have unlimited access to email or text me with any questions or concerns while enrolled in the program. I will respond to your message the same day.      
  4. I already have a basic knowledge of the right foods, but want to learn specifically about workout nutrition - can you help?
    - Yes! Fitness is my jam! We can get specific on macro breakdowns and review options for pre and post workouts specific to your body and level of activity. This can be included in the 8-week program at no additional cost, or as a one-time consultation for $79.

8-Week Nutrition Program

8 weekly 1-hour meetings - in person, on the phone, or over video chat

  • Before and after progress reports
  • Personalized nutrition lessons based on your needs
  • Precision Nutrition Gourmet Cookbook
  • Ongoing email support and compliance tracking

8-Week PLAN $199*

That's less than $25 a week...for a new you!

*One-time payment of $199 or two monthly payments of $105


If you feel confident in your nutrition knowledge and commitment to building better habits we offer one-time consultations outside of the 8-week program. We can get specific on macro breakdowns and review options for pre and post workouts specific to your body and level of activity. Consultation includes screening call, diet review, and written recommendations.


Custom programs can also be designed to include a shopping trip, pantry clean up, personal cooking lessons and more (Atlanta area). Submit a request for more information.