My Fit Week in Review: August 1-7

ACCOUNTABILITY. It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.
— Moliere

Accountability is key. It's why I share workouts and meals on my social accounts, and also why I use those same sites to announce alcohol free weeks (or months.. god forbid), and challenges I'm adding to my own workout schedule. When I put it out there I work harder for it. Maybe you don't like to share, that's cool too. But WRITE IT DOWN or track it privately - just find a way to hold yourself accountable and repeat it. Repeat it...and did I say repeat it?

In an effort to amp up my own level of activity and kick out of a recent (minor) slump I'm planning to keep a training and nutrition diary for the month of August - and maybe longer if it's a useful tool! Here's my activity recap and some nutritional insights from this past week. 


REST Day. Taught a 7:30pm PRO class at Pilates ProWorks Alexandria. 

Upper Body - Chest, Back (40 minutes during lunch break). Taught a 7:30pm PRO class at Pilates ProWorks Alexandria. 

5:15am client personal training session = REST Day for me. 

5am Orangetheory class in Old Town (treadmill, rowing and strength HIIT)

Lower Body - Legs (and shoulders)

Saturday: Hubs had drill this weekend so basement workout for me
40 minutes balance training and plyometrics, 20 minutes Muay Thai on the boxing bag. 

Missed my workout window (NAP REQUIRED) so this turned into an unusual 3rd REST Day for me. 


Before I signed back up at Orangetheory 2 weeks ago I was really slacking on my cardio efforts. A row here and there but nothing consistent. I had been running a single mile every day for 6 months straight with the intent to go one full year, but my body had other plans (and if I've learned anything in the last few years it's to put my ego aside and LISTEN to my body). That said, with an increase in calorie burn on certain days (averaging 600 in an Orangetheory class) I've had to get my nutrition in check to keep up with myself. Extra burn means extra food, MORE FOOD PEOPLE. The biggest mistake "dieters" make is to workout more while eating less. It's a recipe for disaster, burn out, and eventual lack of fat loss as the body works against you to survive. There is a way to burn fat, hold on to muscle and get/stay lean - and it involves plenty of protein, carbs and fat - yes, ALL the foods :) But if you want to talk detailed nutrition, you know where to find me!

Last week was good and bad on the personal nutrition front. I had 2 outings with friends and all good intentions went out the window (where the cheese boards and fondue should have gone!) But I don't dwell on days like those, I just focus on the next day and do it better. Meals out are rare for me so when it happens I tend to loosen up and eat with my eyeballs...well, order with them at least! 

Switching to a 5am workout has been challenging. Getting up isn't the hard part. That's all in your head - your body can do it if you shut down the negative talk that starts the minute that alarm goes off. You get up and you move. Don't leave time to think, debate, work against yourself. In the words of (an ad guy for) Nike, Just Do It. But fueling for it was my challenge. Do I drink coffee? Or just pre workout? Do I eat a banana? Or a protein shake? It doesn't really matter to you what I ate because it won't be the same for you. Depending on the exercise, the time of day, how your body digests foods, what you can tolerate more or less's always a test and learn situation. There's no perfect plan. None. But try googling it and you should have several thousand to choose from ;) The key is to try different things and LISTEN to your body. Was your stomach upset? Did you get cramps? Was the workout a struggle or not? Did one food help you perform better than the other? The lesson here is to get comfortable being uncomfortable - not following someone else's plan for you or your life. Listen and learn. Find what feels GOOD. Then do more of that.   

This week I'm cutting out "weekday wine"....not a drop till the weekend. And checking out another studio too. Stay tuned to my Instagram Stories as I trek about town checking out some gyms/studios via Classpass this month too. 

What are you going to do differently this week?

Hugs & Kettlebells,

Lisa XO