Rethinking the New Year's Fitness Resolution

Tis the season to eat and drink all the things, scale back your gym time (or stop completely) and just keep telling yourself you'll get back at it January 1 (well let's be real, January 2). Or there's those of you who fell off the fitness wagon months ago...maybe last March after the initial buzz for the new year's resolution wore off and shit got real. I have my off days—hell my off weeks—I'm not here to write a rant about new people crowding the gym early January (I LOVE to see people inspired to get started again), but rather to say: let's pause and think about this....

How many times have you resolved to getting back to working out or eating right?
And how many times has that worked out (no pun intended)?
How long did it last? And if it didn't last, how did you feel about that?

Hey, no judgement here, just setting out some things to think about. The reality is many of us jump in with both feet, hands, and head – ready to rock. And we do. Until it becomes too much for us and something has to give...which is usually that massive undertaking we took on without really making room for it in our lives, physically and emotionally. You see, habits aren't built on a 30-day food challenge or 21-day workout plan. If habits are to become a REAL part of our everyday lives they are built slowly and consistently, with intention, over time. As humans, we CAN'T do it all! We can do anything, but we can't do everything. 

I write this NOT to discourage you from starting again as a new year's resolution, but to suggest you go in slowly, eyes wide open – with great intention to make changes, one small step at a time. Join that new year's challenge if it inspires you to make change, just don't expect IT to be the change. A healthier lifestyle takes a lifetime commitment, but it can begin SHOULD begin slowly. 

Wishing you sweat and stretches...and a giddy new year,

Lisa XO