I'm a data nerd. It's just what makes me tick. I also love my apples. I wear an Apple Watch, carry an iPhone, and am tapping away on my MacBook Air. My Dad recently reminded me that I slept with my MacBook by my pillow once upon a time. Yeah, that happened. Then I met the man of my world, got married, had a kid, and the rest is somewhere on Facebook. I'm still connected, but my priorities have changed. CHANGED. The kind of change that makes you wonder how you survived before it happened. The best kind. 

When it comes to fitness and nutrition though, I track everything. Not because I have to, but because it brings me joy. Yes, joy! It's like a game hitting those macronutrient goals I've set for myself! However, when I was seeking a nutrition certificate program I purposely sought out a provider that would teach me to coach people, not how to develop a plan and analyze data...I had that covered. I found that in Precision Nutrition. I'm proud to say I'm already working with my first two clients—each with opposing views on tracking nutrition—and it's both challenging and wonderful. It's amazing when you flex those muscles and finally see which one is stronger and which ones needs a little isolation work! 

There are a ton of online calculators telling you how to manage your macronutrients (amount of carbs, protein, and fats in your diet). There are millions of websites sharing conflicting advice — from what to eat, to when, and how much. There's pre-planned menus and templates you can build upon. There are lists of foods to eat, and not to eat — but wait, that depends on what "diet" you're on, or what you believe to be the "right" way to eat...I could go on, but you already know, you hear it everyday. The point is that no one shoe fits all, we're all different — from our genes, to our physical abilities, and especially our emotional and mental state when it comes to actually GETTING IT DONE! For years I've been the JUST DO IT gal, but people aren't really inspired by JUST DO IT — not when real life kicks in and your child is sick, or you're overworked and stressed out, or not sleeping right and eating horribly. We've all been there, ALL been there. JUST DO IT might get you up, but it doesn't keep you going. That's what a coach is for—and what I hope to succeed in being. 

Happy Weekend! Enjoy time with your loved ones, and be good to yourself. 

xo, Lisa