Our little guy @ 4 months old

   Our little guy @ 4 months old

Next week my little man will turn five months old. FIVE MONTHS. It feels like a lifetime, yet every day still feels brand new. Every day he's more expressive than the day before, he reaches further and holds on for longer, he's more animated and laughs more than he did before... No matter what mood I wake up in (there's usually nothing bright about it) I only have to look into his crib and my morning frost melts as he beams up at me. It's amazing this parenting thing, absolutely amazing. 

So what about this whole postpartum fitness blog I was going to do? Right. Getting right on that. Hah. First I had to give a damn about postpartum weight loss/fitness and to be honest, that took a while. During my pregnancy I had grand illusions of snapping back to my size 4 by Christmas (which would have been 3 months postpartum) and heading back to work in my old wardrobe. Yeah, not so much. I'm not going to give the expected excuse. I wasn't too tired. In fact, Luke's been sleeping through the night since he was eight weeks old (yay for big babies with bigger stomachs who can hold down more food - there's always a silver lining ladies!) I just didn't care about it. It wasn't important. I treasured every waking moment I had at home with Luke, leaving exercise as an afterthought. I did attempt to get back into stride early December but it was sporadic and short-lived. Then I got back to work.

Getting up at 5:30am and commuting for 80 minutes (to include daycare drop off) before you even get to work - now that's tiring! It took about a month of my new routine to slap me back to reality: I gotta shake this weight, get more sleep and lose this newfound dependence on coffee - once again making my health a priority. It's tough though - you get one hour each evening with your baby and to take care of yourself you have to sacrifice some of that. But honestly, I didn't dwell too long on it. Happy Lisa makes a happy mother and wife, which makes a happy family. Enough said. 

Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same
— Unknown

Over the years I've always been most successful when working with a personal trainer - from the 20 pounds I dropped after college while living in Miami, to the 30 pounds I shed four years ago working with DC local, Grant Hill. I've always felt more accountable, committed, and have been much more successful in attaining my goals. As luck would have it I drove by a local studio a few weeks ago that piqued my interest, offering small group personal training designed specifically for women. A phone call and a free trial later and I'm committed to 13 sessions per month (for 3 months) which includes 30 minutes on the floor/weights with a trainer and 30 minutes of interval cardio. Saturday will be my 7th session and I LOVE it. I love the pain. It's the good pain you only feel when you've worked your arse off and earned it. Exercise has always been an addictive thing for me - once I get started I'm all in.

So watch this space - I'M BACK.