2015 was a year of research, learning, testing, reviewing, retesting, more learning, and eventually figuring it out--my own body, that is. Postpartum, I found myself struggling to get my body to respond the way it always had. I had gained weight before, but any time I'd set my mind and put in the work the weight always came off. Not this time. I had a lot of trial and error with my nutrition before I got to what works for me. It didn't help that I was simultaneously trying out various workouts--from Solidcore and OrangeTheory to circuit training, HIIT, and strength training--with no real method to the madness. And all this coupled with new food sensitivities to many of my favorite things!

Working through my NASM CPT and Precision Nutrition Coaching courses (both of which I've passed and am fully certified in now!) helped me immensely. I started to identify my pitfalls and work towards consistent, small changes over time - both inside the gym and on my plate. I've had to work hard to shed my "all or nothing" attitude, but that shift has been the most liberating of all. Patience was never a strength of mine, but I've come a long way (and I'll need it as we've just hit the toddler years FULL-ON with Luke!)

What I've learned is this: You are an individual with individual needs. Your body isn't going to respond the same way to the same strategies that worked for your husband, wife, sister, or neighbor. You need to slow down and assess one thing at a time - you'll learn more that way, and be much more likely to adopt the change permanently. Because what's any of it worth if you don't make real, long-lasting change?

Because all-or-nothing thinking rarely gets you all. It usually gets you nothing.
— John Berardi, Ph.D.

So here's to 2016 and a continued journey to your best self--a happier and healthier one!