The mini trash bags (for the more offending diapers) and air fresheners for the Diaper Genie arrive today. And I also picked up cotton balls, infant acetaminophen, hand sanitizer, saline nasal drops and sterile gauze to complete the infant first-aid kit at CVS. I think-THINK-that might be the end of the list. And when I say end, I mean the end of the list for his arrival...so for a few weeks, perhaps.

We've toured the hospital and a dozen daycares, interviewed pediatricians, and taken a Baby Care class. Oh and next week it's 2 hours of Infant CPR training. I've been to see my doctors (four of them plus a specialist) on twelve separate occasions and had more blood drawn than seen on a horror flick. 

The nursery is set up - that comprises of a new crib, dresser, shelves, blackout curtains, a recliner and side table, decor, and dammit--now I've remembered we still need a hamper. In his little closet there's stacks of diapers in the first two sizes, a variety of diaper creams and bathing products, about 2,000 wipes (that's only 2 months supply right there folks), and refills for the Genie. Baby bottles, cleaners, and a drying rack and dishwasher basket specially made for them. We've also stuffed in there the baby bathtub, his stroller for 6+ months and a Pack n' Play for trips to the grandparents. The basinet is washed and dressed and covered to keep it clean - and soon to be moved into our bedroom for his first few weeks. His pretty white dresser is filled with onesies, caps, booties, bibs, burp cloths, pants, blankets, sheets, baby towels, and more socks than all of Ireland. He's got Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers embossed on teeshirts and sweatshirts and just about everything else. We have outerwear, sleepwear, play attire, and of course there's some outfits for brunch. The baby monitor is charged and the cool mist humidifier is shaped like a penguin. 

The church is booked for his christening and the list for the final Costo stockpile is made. The hospital bag isn't packed but the list was written last month. Car seats are installed with rear seat mirrors and side window screens. Everything's been washed at least once and I've even started cleaning our kitchen cabinets--madness I tell you. 

And if it's not written here it's because I forgot to write it here - I highly doubt it was left off one of the other 34 lists...Cos how could I overlook anything after reading 14 full books to get prepared?

I think we're ready. Well, as ready as you can be for what's to come. 

One month....the excitement is in full force!!!