A moment with BabyZ on our wedding day - June 1, 2014

A moment with BabyZ on our wedding day - June 1, 2014

....just like that. Whether you planned it, tried for months or years, or had it on your future agenda (like us), it's all aboard now cos this train isn't slowing down for anyone. Both my husband and I went through a slew of emotions--from shock and awe to excitement and joy--to get to where we are today: nine weeks from meeting our little man and thrilled beyond belief. 

Seven months of pregnancy has been one long roller-coaster ride. I believe I've experienced just about every emotion: fear, sadness, joy, happiness, loneliness, anticipation, wonder, love, hope... you laugh, you cry -- and if you do either too hard you might find you've just peed yourself to boot (yeah, but eventually that becomes funny too!) But the fear that sits with me still is knowing--but not knowing--the emotions to come. I'm not worried about changing a diaper or sleep deprivation, I'm anxious about the things I CAN'T find on google. Sure, you can find a heartfelt blog post about it, but you don't really know.


When I was in my early twenties I proclaimed I didn't want kids, I said I'm far too emotional a person, it would be heartbreaking: the anxiety, the fear, the constant worrying. I didn't see the other side (hell I was 20-something), I just saw it through my then narrow vision and 'all about me' approach to life. Then I met this man who was to be my husband and without a second thought it seemed the most natural thing to do. No matter what lay ahead I wanted a child with this man, I wanted to build our family; I had so much trust and faith in him that I knew I could handle anything with his love and support.

So sure, we don't know what's to come, but fear aside we're still damn excited about it!

Here's to facing fears head on--and with the future support of my much missed friend, wine.